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Install .nupkg file locally(OR)Offline in visual studio from NuGet


Install NuGet Package from local machine manually:
              Some  companies  not allowed internet connection for development environment for some security purpose. On that time we can't install packages directly  from Nuget.Org  through  Package Manager console. This type of situation the following s three easy steps to install Nuget packages to visual studio when your are working in offline mode.

Step-1: First download your package from

Download Nuget Packages Without VS/NuGet Package Manager (Manuallydownload): 
                 If you not able to directly download the package from , then you try a chrome extension called  "NuTake". This extension create a direct link to download the package. The link just shown  under the "PM>Install - Package..." command box.

Step-2: After download your package open visual studio and open "Tools - > Options -> Package Manager"


Give a name and folder location. Click OK. Drop your NuGet package files in that folder.

Step-3: In the third step, Go to your Project, Right click and select "Manage Nuget Packages" and

select /Install  your new Package source.


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