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iphone apps development requirements


Minimum requirements for iphone app development:

These are all the things you know before you start developing iPhone applications:

  •  You need a Intel based mac os x( Mac mini, Mac book, Mac pro, Mac OS Lion like this..) (or) I'm Installed Mac on windows using VMware

  •  To submit your work to apple you need a apple developer license as well.

  •  Xcode (free download)

  •  The SDK is free to download, so you can build you application and test it on simulator without any cost. But if you want to test it on your iPhone/iPod touch or submit it to apple store, you must have a developer license.

  •  To test your application, you must have either iPod or iPhone because Simulator and device behaves differently on some features like memory.  So I highly recommend you to buy one device as well.

  •  Programming language is Objective – C and its very similar to C/C++.


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