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iPhone: Xcode Shortcut keys


XCode Keyboard Shortcuts - iPhone:
                                     Using shortcut keys are much faster then using mouse.Here is some of the xcode shortcuts.

For Shifting
  • Alt-⌘-Up to alter between .m and .h file

  • ⌘-Shift-D, When you want to open a file or a symbol definition that's in your project or in a framework.

  • ⌘-Shift-E expand the editor view to full height of the window.

  • Alt-⌘-Left / Alt-⌘-Right, Navigate among open files back and forth.

  • Control-comma to show the list of available completions, Control-period to insert the most likely completion, and Control-Slash & Shift-Control-Slash to move between place holder tokens.

  • ⌘-double click on a symbol to see the definition of a symbol.

  • Option-double click on a symbol to see the documentation for that symbol– OR– Right click on any word and select 'Find Selected Text in API Reference' to search the API for that word.

  • Cmd-/ to automatically insert "//" for comments.

  • Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow to do intra-word text navigation.

  • Control-1 list down all the project files.

  • Control-2 to access the popup list of functions/methods/symbols in this file.

  • Control-3 list down all the include files

  • Right click on a variable in your function and click edit all in scope.

  • ⌘-[ and ⌘-] to indent and unindent selected text. Makes cleaning up source code much easier.

  • Control-Shift-R to show the Console

  • Control-Alt-⌘-R to clear the log

  • Control-⌘ Left/Right to fold and unfold the function.

  • Shift-⌘-C, the class browser in Xcode.

  • ⌘-=, Jump to the next error in the list of build errors. Display the multiple Find panel with ⌘-Shift-F.

  • ⌘-O, Jump to the Project tab, to the build tab with ⌘-Shift-B and to the debug tab with ⌘-Shift-Y.


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