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iphone: Step by step guide to Publish the app to app store by iTunes Connect


Here is the detailed report on Publishing the iPhone application into iTunes connect.

  1. Login into https://itunesconnect.apple.com using Apple ID and Password.
  2. Click Manage Your App from iTunes Connect.
  3. Click the Add New App button to start the process of creating a new iTunes App.
  4. Here it'll ask some basic information about the application such as Company Name, App Name, SKU ID, Bundle ID.
  5. Just make sure that your Bundle ID should match with your info.plist.
  6. Finally need to upload the large size app image with 512 X 512 px. and screenshot of the application with 960 X 640 px and click the Save button.
  7. Now click the View Details button under Versions.
  8. Here click the Ready to Upload Binary button and finish the process. Now the status of the application is Waiting for Upload
  9. Now go to Xcode and choose iOS Device in the schema chooser. Then choose the "Archive" under the "Product"  menu.
  10. Now Xcode will open the Organizer window with the app in Archive tab. Here we can Validate and Distribute the app.
  11. Now the status of the app is Upload Received. After few minutes it'll change to Waiting For Review.
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